21 Netflix Original Movies That Are Total Hidden Gems

You ever have one of those days where you just want to enjoy a huge bowl of popcorn, curl up on the couch with the a/c blowing, and cue up a movie or two? Yup, we’ve all been there. Thankfully, Netflix has plenty of streaming options to check out when that mood strikes, including lots of original movies and shows. At times, sifting through all that content can be challenging simply because of how much there is, but there are actually plenty of Netflix Original movies that are total hidden gems worth checking out the next time you’re looking for something to watch.

If you’re feeling like you want to try something new, one of these 21 Netflix Original movies will do the trick. While there are a ton of great movies and shows on Netflix that aren’t originals, the content that the streaming service itself produces deserves your attention. Yet with more than 100 Netflix Originals available, browsing through them all can be daunting. If you’re trying to figure out exactly which original movie to watch next, start with a look at these underrated flicks and go down the list from there. You won’t regret it.

1. The Siege Of Jadotville

Netflix on YouTube

Irish commander Patrick Quinian (Jamie Dornan) and his battalion of 150 men withstand a siege by 3,000 Congolese troops led by the French.

2. A Futile And Stupid Gesture

Netflix on YouTube

This comedy is about the life of writer Doug Kenney, who co-founded the magazine National Lampoon in 1970.

3. To The Bone

Netflix on YouTube

This dramedy takes a unique look at eating disorders and the toll they can take on both the people suffering and their loved ones.


Netflix on YouTube

Do you love raves? This will definitely be the movie for you. It’s about a young guy who, while trying to make it as a DJ, finally gets his big break when he is asked to perform at a huge festival.

5. The Babysitter

Zero Media on YouTube

If you get scared easily, a horror comedy like The Babysitter should be a good fit. This movie is for all the people who want to laugh and scream at the same time.

6. The Fundamentals Of Caring

Netflix on YouTube

A writer (Paul Rudd) retires and becomes a disabled teen’s caregiver (Craig Roberts). The two deepen their friendship when they take a road trip together.

7. The Meyerowitz Stories

Netflix on YouTube

The Meyerowitz Stories is an intergenerational story about a dysfunctional family that gets together to celebrate the father’s career.

8. I Don’t Feel At Home In This World Anymore

Netflix on YouTube

After getting robbed, Ruth (Melanie Lynskey) and her neighbor set out to find the thieves that took her valuables, but they soon find out they’re up against some dangerous criminals.

9. Message From The King

FRESH Movie Trailers on YouTube

Chadwick Boseman is out to avenge once again. In this film, his character flies from Africa to the U.S. to find out who killed his sister.

10. ARQ

Netflix on YouTube

The oil supply has run dry and nations are fighting for the remaining energy supplies left in the world. Trapped in a house and surrounded by masked intruders, an engineer (Robbie Amell) has to find a way to protect a technology that could deliver unlimited energy to everyone.

11. First Match

Netflix on YouTube

First Match focuses on the world of women’s wrestling through the journey of a young Black woman.

12. Happy Anniversary

Netflix on YouTube

The sweet, painful Happy Anniversary follows a young couple who just marked their three year anniversary, but suddenly finds it hard to move forward.

13. Love Per Square Foot

Netflix India on YouTube

Love Per Square Foot is about two single people, Sanjay and Karina, who each don’t earn enough to be able to buy a home, so they enter into a marriage for the convenience of getting one.

14. Divines

Netflix on YouTube

Divines is a French movie that follows Dounia (Oulaya Amamra) and her best friend Maimouna (Déborah Lukumuena), girls who are trying their best to beat poverty by creating a street hustle.

15. Win It All

Netflix on YouTube

A gambler (Jake Johnson) trying to stop his bad habits finds himself in a sticky situation. He agrees to stash a duffel bag for an acquaintance who is heading to prison, but when he discovers cash in the bag, he can’t resist the urge to gamble the funds.

16. Tramps

Netflix on YouTube

Two aspiring criminals in New York get together for a heist, take on stolen identities, and fall for one another.

17. 1922

Netflix on YouTube

A man (Thomas Jane) conspires to murder his wife for financial gain and convinces his teenage son that it’s worth it.

18. Wheelman

Netflix on YouTube

So. Much. Tension. In Wheelman, a getaway driver gets double-crossed when a bank robbery goes wrong.

19. Imperial Dreams

Netflix on YouTube

John Boyega plays a young father trying his best not to fall into old habits and stay out of prison.

20. Spectral

Film Trailer Zone on YouTube

A group of soldiers have to battle supernatural forces that threaten New York City.

21. Burning Sands

Netflix on YouTube

How far is too far when it comes to college Greek pledging? Burning Sands will leave you thinking about the dangers of hazing practices.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy these Netflix Originals.


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